Login iPad 2 Fixed

Some how after 2 week my IF app is working. It was crashing when loading. I wipe out my ipad unistall and install that app. For 2 weeks trying everyday and nothing. And just now i said let me try 1 more time. And it work; didnt crash and restore my maps and planes. Only complaint beside i couldn’t play 2 weeks. Is 2 weeks paid without playing.

Could you please be more descriptive? I can’t seem to understand what you mean (Sorry!).

The last 2 weeks i couldn’t play infinite flight after installing the latest ios on my ipad2. I wipeout my ipad 2 just to make sure everything is working fine. I reinstall infinite flight and the app keep crashing. Unistall and reinstall again. I try almost everyday and nothing…but today i try 1 more time and now the app work. Thats a weird stuff

This is probably either a) a comparability issue, or b) a software issue. After all, the iPad two is an old device. I would recommend either getting a new device or downgrading the software.

Saint claus he cant find my address, i asked him for an ipad air 2 yrs in a row and is already ipad air 2 in the market lol. I will try this Navidad to upgrade my device