Login in issue

Soo for some weird reason, it wont let me log onto the app, and im having trouble signing in. Anyone know why?

What is happening the moment you press log in?

It says something like” this account isn’t associated with the game orr” This google account has not been used with infinite flight before”.

Have you tried logging in without Google? Try other ways of logging in. You might have created an account using the app itself, not Google or Facebook.

Do you have an active subscription? An account can only be created when a subscription is purchased. You can’t sign in to something that doesn’t exist :)

Main thing i should have said, do i need to do any purchase to log in?? Like to play online and what not?

You can still log in despite having a subscription or not. You will only have access to Solo flights.

Soo what if i log in(which i still cant) i will only have acess to solo flights??

You can access solo flights without logging in. If you want to play multiplayer, you will have to log in to your email account, otherwise you can’t play. If you do not have a membership subscription to IF, you will need to make one before you can join in multiplayer.

Hope this helps!

(BTW, This is my understanding of the situation. Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!)

@The_Real_Plane_Spott soo i need a subscription to play multiplayer???

Yep, thats right. You can pay monthly for about $10 a month for the pro subscription

DAYUM😤 guess im stuck with solo flight for now

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