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I’m currently flying. And i want to check some gates on my second divice, i have IF downloaded on there. is it possible to log in there, and that on the divice, im flying on, doesnt says he sees a second account?

No , don’t do it! If you login on a second device, your throttle will be cut!

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so even logging in will cut off your throttle. i thought it was if your flying on 2 divices

Yes, you are technically using the same account on both devices at the same time. As soon as you hit “Fly On Line” your throttle will be cut. This feature is to prevent “cheating” in a sense: If you fly on 2 devices on the same account simultaneously, you would receive double the XP you earn.

So, no. Do not do it.

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but can i log in, and check gates of an airport in solo mode?

I believe you can. As long as you do not attempt to fly on line.

100% sure? i dont wanna risk anything

I’m not entirely sure. I would log out on the second device, just as a pre-caution.

ye, but i cant see gates of WIII then couse it isnt in free mode

Just a question, why would you like to check the gates in a certain airport while flying?

Im making an Event

If you are trying to create an event, use information from Flightradar24, and do it only after you have finished your flight. You may log in and check out the gates on Solo mode. But do not spawn. Please create the event after you have finished your flight. Would just turn out better without causing any hassle. 👍

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yeah. im making my first event as event manager at GAVA

There is an app called VirtualHub which is an Infinite Flight 3rd-Party application. It has all the airports across the world with all the gates available for free.


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I’ve done it before, checking my gates on my other device, haven’t had a throttle cut issue, just don’t load the flight up… and you should be fine but do it at your own risk

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