Login and Restore Purchasing issues

First of all I try to login with my google account and it continues to say please wait and doesn’t change. Also I need help restoring my purchases since I have older purchases but I dont know where or how. I have an S8

Make sure you’re using the same account, and can you provide a screenshot? Make sure you blur any personal information. Also check here: (currently searching)

Also check your connection, this by the sounds of it may be your main issue.

  • In Infinite Flight, press the log out button
  • Reboot your device
  • Restart Infinite Flight
  • Log in again

Is the google account you are using to log into the same default account that the phone is on?

I tried Restarting my Phone , The App and everything. I dont know. I’m trying to log in and it just doesn’t work

Try turning off any VPN Connection and log in manually to google (without entering IF). Maybe it’s an account or a connection related problem.

Do you have an active account in Infinite Flight at this point?

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