Logging issue

When I’m trying to login in my mobile app of infinite flights it shows your account was not found
Even I have already created an account on infinite flights

Please recheck the credentials you are using.
Also restart your device and router (if using WiFi) and check back here.

I have tried this but didn’t work

Make sure strong connection to your wifi. If problem continues proceed to Close IF entirely as well as all of your background apps if you still have the problem re-install infinite flight as you have already restarted your device @Swapney_Akre Report back if issue is not solved

Hello I tried this but not working

Three things i would suggest is to A: Restart Device. B: Delete app and reinstall it C: Maybe your password is wrong.

I had already done this and my password is right


Have you used the account you’re trying to access previously? Do you have a subscription attached to it?

If so, your callsign and display name would be helpful to us in our effort to resolve your issue.

Okay I have logged in

Now tell me how to contact atc in game

Click on this to access the ATC controls.


Great to hear you’re good to go!

Recommend you look at these to get you acquainted with Infinite Flight.

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