Logging into forums

Hi guys and girls!

I seem to be having a problem with my forums not logging in on my electrical devices (including laptop) at my girlfriends house however when ever I’m connected to any other WiFi I have no problems!

Any help would be much appreciated! I use google to log in.

I had previous help before and got told to take a screenshot of the below image if it

What error message are you seeing when trying to log in? As you are logged in now, you are saying this only happens at certain places?

How are you logging into the forum with Facebook/Google/direct password? etc?

You can delete the picture so you dont share your IP with everyone.

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I use a gmail account to log in! It says “You cannot log in with that ip”

Edit: yes it only happens at my girlfriends house no where else yet”

Can you log into gmail from her house?

Yeah I can log into it perfectly fine which just confuses the hell out of me, it’ll work if I disconnect the WiFi and log in and then go back into the WiFi (it won’t log me out) but just doesn’t let me log into the forums

Are you using Google, Yahoo, GitHub or one of the other authentication methods?

I use google button and the enter email and password bit

Your IP you’re trying to log on with is blacklisted. Contact staff to get help

In fact I had this issue when I came to Portugal this holidays and the rental homes WiFi ip is blacklisted for no reason.


Talking over PM, will try again tonight.