Logging in problems on the forum

Hey guys and girls!

Most recently been happening in the last week or so, didn’t think much of it however when I log into the forums via the google button I get this;

However when I press back, I’m logged in? Didn’t want to report it as such as it isnt much of a problem however it’s getting quite tiresome in always pressing back. I’ve tried clearing my cache, even tried different web browsers; Firefox & IE however it mainly seems to be the problem on mobile not so much PC/Laptop!

Thanks in advance for any help given

This is a known issue and is going to be resolved. I believe it is a Discourse Wide Issue, not IFC

The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem” means that the issue is with Discourse itself and is not on Infinite Flight’s side. There likely isn’t anything that Infinite Flight can do to solve the problem.
Hopefully, the people over at Discourse will resolve this issue soon.

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