Logging in problems + Issues

Hi guys, we would like to request something about the problems while I was tries to logging in to my IF account:

  1. I had reinstalled the IF app from the App Store and then to open it.
  2. After entering the menu, it will see the account was still linked on settings, when I tries to logging back to my account, but it doesn’t work.
  3. If I click the email link to the website, then it will see the safety error message on desktop.

You can Reply here if anyone wants to solve the problem.

Are you trying to log into your IFC account or are you trying to log into your app store account?

You’re going to have to log into your IFC account if you wish to have your statistics back. If you are already logging into your IFC account, it’s possible that you are either not entering your username or password correctly.

Ok, some of the issues here while I was entering the google account login website to connecting to an IFC account, it will got something went wrong and it will see the error code 400 after tap the browser button. Sometimes, the google account password was incorrect all the time and email link is still does not working.

If i wants to restore the past purchases, the subscription will still inactive due to the pro-subscription has been expired.

One of the thing is - if i wants to resubscribe IF Pro, the account will be reactives automatically.

Is this one works?

I checked this time after replacing a new google account password, and it will works fewer first but the subscription is still needs to reactive required before logging in to my IF account.

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