Logging in on Android with iCloud emaili

Hello all, Today I was trying to log in on my Android device using my iCloud email address, however when I click log in it comes up with two options:

Log in with Facebook
Log in with Google

I cannot use any off these options if I want to log in using my iCloud email address. (The reason why I want to use my iCloud account is because it has a subscription on). Is there any way around this so I can log in using my ICloud account??

Let me know


You will need to link your account to either a Facebook or a Google account to be able to use it cross-platform. Android can’t check your purchases on iOS.

To link your account, open the app on a device which has access to your account. Tap your display name in the top right corner and then “Link account” in the bottom right. Select Facebook or Google.

Then proceed to your Android device and sign in using the same details you selected to link it with.

Hello again,

Thanks for the fast reply and thanks for fixing my problem, it works on my Android device now


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