Loggin In Infinite flight discord

So problem I got is, when I join the server, the bot says I had an account but its not activate. Now thing is I got a new pro subscription which is totally different from my old one.
How can I disconnect my old subscription which is “de activated” and connect to my current subscription?

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Hi @IndiGo_001 — welcome to the community!

Would you be able to provide any screenshots so we can better understand the issue you’re facing, and provide potential solutions?


Yes sure

So on my old account in pro subscription it was connected, but recently I bought a new subscription which is a different account. Because of that I cannot connect to discord.

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You’ll need to connect your Discord account to the account that has the active Subscription on it. See more below on doing that:

You can also connect your forum account to the profile with the active subscription, which is also provided above.

After that, you should gain full access to the Discord server! Hope this helps.

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error code 5, but I have a new subscription so it says error code 5

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