Logged out/kicked from server

Hello there! I have a problem on my global services. It has claimed I was logged into a different device when I do not use infinite flight on a different device though.

OnePlus 3T
6gigs of ram
64GB variant
Android 7.1

Just a bit of proof

Hi there,

A simple close of the app, restart of your device and relaunch of Infinite Flight May do the trick.

Are you certain that no one else is using another one of your devices as well?


I haven’t ever given or used a different device besides the one I use on my own, but I’ll try restarting it

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Oh yep, problem is solved. It’s probably just that I’m not used of the new bugs, I’ll try to ignore it sometimes

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Clearing Cache for future reference:

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds. When “slide to power off” message appears on the screen, just release the the Sleep/Wake button.

Hold down the Home button until the home screen comes back.

Enjoy 😉

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For the sake of investigating, what’s your callsign?


It was alaska 1153 for the callsign

Chris, I’m pretty certain that this is an iOS trick. Though useful, the OP is using Android :P

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Yeah it wasn’t a hardware problem I think, it’s probably just an early bug that’s all

Correction, Horizon 1153