Logbook Wrong/Mistake

My latest two flights are horn as being 1 hour 52 nd 1hr 55 however they actually where only 52min and 55min. The log book has added an extra hour onto them.

Would be great if this could be fixed.



Shhhhhh, dont say anything, be happy with the two extra hours, LOL


There’s some problems with time-calculations. As far as I know, it is a known issue and Cameron will take a look at it.

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You know, there are people out there who actually give back the return money to the cashier after he gave them to much. I think that’s called decency. 😉

Hope it will be fixed soon!


Ahahaha that’s me, I’m too nice. I’ve just done another two flights under an hour but it still adds an extra hour! What’s it doing… 😂

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