Logbook Sort

So the topic of old flight hours came up tonite with someone and they didn’t have a screenshot handy from my VA’s old crew center. That brought me to thinking:

What if we could sort our logbooks in a more fine tuned way?

Logbook sorting could be done by:

Callsign/Airline, Date, Aircraft type etc.

The callsign part would have to be added to the logbook/replay section and the aircraft/livery is there already but it’s not a sortable column.

It may seem like something small, but it could potentially branch out to replays and more in the future.

This would enable you to track total hours for a VA, in a type of aircraft etc etc.

It seems like a cool feature, maybe a filter/sort for Violations/Reports to save people some time finding them. I’ll clear a vote for this.


Thanks, I had to clear one as well.

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This would be very handy in game. There should probably be a fix for ---- destination when quitting app in flight (replay actually has the correct destination so I would definitely consider this a bug).
IMO it would be even better if we can tag individual flights on the flight end screen, as VA flights or as special flights in a series or something like that.


add landings as a line item on the log as well

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Spare a vote bro?

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