Logbook question

Are the dates i the log book towards the beginning of global days supposed to be out of order?

Not sure if this is supposed to be in support or general. I am more curious and not really having a problem

Could you provide some examples? Screenshots etc :)

I cant because it shows that the flights are in order but I specifically remember a few flights (for example my first attempt at a long haul when global came out was KDTW-OMDB in a Delta 787-8) which should have been shortly after global came out because I remember there was some long haul bug or something. but that flight was shown as I attempted on 10/01/2018. and also at least 100 pgs are stuck at 10/01/2018 which I will post 5 pictures

Which if you add up the hours on the first two pages you can see that will add up to easily more than 24 hrs

I think that was around the time we received the new logbook and replay system…so I wouldn’t be surprised if thats the reason why…

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