Logbook lost!

Ho there,
I reinstalled the app IF on my iPad and my logbook now shown 0 (zero).
Any suggestion?

Hello. Please list your device software and IF Version. The logbook has to do with Solo mode stats, not Live stats, so I would assume that information is saved to the device and not linked to the account. Did you backup and transfer your old iPad to your new one?

The iPad is the same using IOS 10, so I didn’t do any backup. The IF version is 16.06.1

Hey sir. I have this wonderful thread here. Just look up for any issue you find in it that relates to you :)


Correct this please :) keep the forum tidy

Everytime u reset or reinstall the app, the logbook gets completely cleared, but your flights and data for live remain just the record of them on the logbook isn’t there


I am pretty sure your logbook includes live flight information also

I wouldn’t think, since it has to do with only your Solo flights, I’m pretty sure

The logbook always resets if you reinstall the app or clear data.

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Ok guys,
I’ll try the procedures of above.
Thank you all!

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