Logbook issues

Wondering if anyone can help… it’s happened a few times but I’ll use this mornings flight as an example.

I just completed a flight from EGLL- ENGM. After arriving at ENGM and taxiing to the gate, shutting down engines and then ending the flight properly but selecting ‘End Flight’ my log book doesn’t show the destination airport and only shows ‘————‘.

Why does this happen and what can I do to avoid this in future. I want my destinations to show up in my logbook.


Do you have EGNM on your flightplan?

Indeed I do!

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Hey @CaptainJoe

What is your callsign and display name? I’d like to check the flight in our systems. I might request a copy of the replay file as well. We thought this was fixed, but I’m a bit concerned that you are now saying it’s not.


Callsign is BAVA340 and display name is Joe

If you need the playback file just give me a shout

@schyllberg any update on this?

I also have a question regarding the logbook. See where it reads KAFF-KAFF 00.00? This is usually when I spawn and end my flight immediately due to whatever the reason may be. If I remember correctly, Logbook wouldn’t save these before the Live replay update but now they do. Is there any way this could go back to the way it was? i just find it unnecessary for them to be there

No we’re a bit eluded by this one…

It’s been like that before as well actually. But we might look into tweaking that :)


Thanks @schyllberg if you need the playback file I have it saved!

Sorry to jump on this again. But I’m also having the same issue few of my flights are not being recorded, even though I put the arrival airport as the last way point. Does it affect your landing count if it’s not recorded in the log book, even though you have landed? @schyllberg

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