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This has happened to me on several occasions and wondered if there was a fix in the works as I think it would be a great fix in the future. Essentially the app fails to log the flight you have done if the App crashes mid-flight. I understand this if you never reach a destination, but what happens when you do… Even if you have reached multiple destinations (landed) and proceeded on. I think at least those flights should be logged.
Most recent example. I took off from Atlanta Wed Evening, landed in Johannesburg the following afternoon. Then flew to Nairobi, Landed. Then flew to Athens… The App Crashed as I headed out over the coast of Africa, but the logbook doesn’t even log the previous two flights. Before everyone starts jumping on me that a flight is technically from the moment you take off, land and quit the app - so it counts as a single flight. Wouldn’t it be better for the app to log the destination (take off) and arrival (Landing), so every time you land it counts as a flight in the log book?
Just a thought.

I think this would belong in #features unless you are making a support request about the app crashing.

You are suggesting for previous routes in one session to be added to the logbook, so I think this would belong in #features.

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The log book is currently stored on your device. If you reinstalled the sim, the logbook would be cleared. However, your stats are recorded throughout your flight so you would have still retained those landings and xp up until the latest refresh spot.

There is a logbook enhancement confirmed in a future release. Perhaps we need to see what it brings?


I understand that, like the XP is retained etc… but when I look at the log book it has no record of the fact I departed somewhere and landed somewhere else (if the app crashed during that flight) - But what would be great is, say in a single flight you depart KJFK go to KBOS then to KLAS to KLAX - that all were recorded as separate flights as opposed to one single flight, does that make sense?.. or say the app crashes on the final leg, the log reflects all the legs up until your last landing. So it’s a more accurate record of all your flights.

In 3 months’ time I will have forgotten when looking at my log that I actually spent 21hrs in the air flying from KATL to Africa and beyond. Seems a shame.Lets hope the enhancements take this in to account.


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