Logbook files are not going away

Operating system:

Is there a way because it says that the replay of the flight this has not been deleted I know that it’s a logbook but last time it used to be something else where you can delete the file and then they have been deleted but this time it has not gone do you guys know how can I get my logbook cleared like every replay file has gone anyone know.

So basically the replay has been deleted but not gone I want to make a fresh logbook with 0 replays but that hasn’t happened anyone know how to get rid of them I have tried to delete the app and get it again but that didn’t work
If you guys know what I mean
Is there a way to get fully rid of them or no

No i don’t think you can get rid of logs but you can only get rid of replays since you even tried uninstalling the app, logs are there forever (i think)

But you can only delete the replays

The reason you can’t delete the logs is because they merged them together as one in a way

Hopefully this helped

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Well the log replay is not going away and I need it to go away when you delete it

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I don’t think they can go it’s probably there forever

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To my knowledge the logbook and replays have been merged since the UI change. So yes you can delete the replays but the logs stay. There was a time when you could delete the replays and have it showing nothing and a separate tab for “logbook”.

Well last time in the old version of IF there was like replays and then you can delete the replays and then they will be deleted but they changed that now to the new IF

But it says (no replay file) does that mean that’s been deleted and why hasn’t it gone when you delete it

I think as stated above your replays will be cleared and or deleted if you uninstall and re-install the app. That gives you enough space for your IF. Logs are there for you as a reference of flights that you have done.
So unfortunately you cannot clear the logs but replays can be cleared.
You correct, in the past versions you could clear the replays - the logs were not available for you to see - those i believe were kept in the background, however, now you can see your logs, which i think it’s a great initiative for reference.
So the simple answer, you are unable to clear the logs.
Hope that helps.

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Yeah that did help but they should really change the app so they the log replays will go away and then you can get a fresh new replay for the logs

To my knowledge, the Logbook is designed to be comparable to a real-life pilot’s logbook. As such, once a flight is performed, it exists forever. That is why only replays can be deleted.

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In multiplayer the logs will remain and you’re only able to delete the replay of the logged flight. In singleplayer you’re able to delete the logged flight also.

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I’ve answered you like 10 times about this already.