Logbook error

I was scrolling along my logbook and noticed that every date after page 6 says “7/6/18” I know this is wrong as my one and only report occured in March, which is showing as 7/6/18 and 7/6/18 goes all the way through for each page.

  • I’m on cellular
  • restarted app and re downloaded app
  • latest version of IF
  • Iphone 7 iOS 11.4
  • been noticed for 2 days now
    Any quick solutions/fixes?
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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? This might provide a fix to this situation.

Currently on LTE. don’t know if it will re install. Trying though

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It didn’t work. Still stuck on 7/6/18

Sammy, do you have another device to try on?
I can see several other landings made after that date in our systems, so it’s odd that you’re getting this even after a reinstall.

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Same thing on the iPad unfortunately

We transferred your account from one Google account to another that date. Voila!