Logbook Error

Hello there,
I was counting my flight hours for my VA (and in total) and found that many of the enteries were either:

  1. Incorrect The total is just plain incorrect
#1 Example

Refer to the 737-900 KORD to KLAX. I did this today and KNOW it was 3 hours 41 minutes


  1. The day/night total does not add up The 2 totals do not combine to the total time
#2 Example

This is just sad. I wish I flew that long

I have tried multiple times to resolve, but I haven’t uninstalled/reinstalled because I don’t want to risk LOSING my logbook. If it does not go away, let me know as I will reinstall
If anyone else is having the problem, you can relate here. I hope there can be a solution to this problem. Thanks!

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Known issue. Cameron will have a look at it/is trying to fix it.


You won’t actually lose your logbook if you delete the app. It will be gone from your device but it will be stored in the cloud.

To help the mods out what device and OS are you using?

It isn’t an issue from the devices. It is a bug which has to be fixed. IOS and Android users are experiencing this issue.

Device: SM-T580
OS: Android 7.0

If it is in the cloud, where can i find it

I think only the developers can see it

(CRINGE) ok thank god it is what it is

It looks like since the latest update, we are getting an extra hour per each flight. I first thought this has to do something with the block time, but I haven’t spent an hour at the gate, and I am 100% sure about that. Had two separate flights today, with the same results, been given an extra hour for each flight.