Logbook doesn’t show arrival airports

Since the update, with new Live logbook, not all fligths are logged correctly, see screenshot. Some airports are not logged?


Did you end these flights or just exited the app?

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The arrival airport needs to be part of your flight plan.
You also need to complete the flight

For example, simply selecting a waypoint close to the airport and landing at an airport will not generate the airport name. The airport has to be the final entry of the flight plan.


Thanks Chris,
That is what I do, I alway take the airport in the FP. Also, when I change the plan while I am flying, I take again the aiport in the FP. My last flight (to LFBD) was even with A/P approach, but he didn’t take in the logbook. I always land, taxi and then end the flight. I have been doing this for since I fly, so about 5 years. But now, suddenly, after the update with the new Live Logbook, it gives me this. So I didn’t change my way of flying, and you can see that somethimes everything is OK, so it looks like the systems does it randomly?

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What I also noticed Chris, is for my last flight the logbook says 2:38, while it was 1:38. Also strange?

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The time-thing is a known issue. Cameron will have a look at it.


This happened for me too. My Logbook shows 11.52 when my actual flight time was 10.52.


Hi Chris, just did another flight. EHAM to ESMX, completely the right way, as I always do. See screenshot(s). Again no “ to “ airport and wrong time.

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Hi Chris,
Do have any idea what I should do?
Should I direct my problem to someone else maybe?
Thanks for advice!

I will ask the developers to look into it.

You may want to give the app and uninstall and reinstall just to make sure nothing went off with those. We have seen issues with the time but not the airports.

Does that mean I will loose my history? I guess all the purchases will come back with the restore?

Your purchases and subscriptions will remain.
The “All flights” part of the logbook will clear, as it shows the flights done on that specific device. But the Live part of the logbook is server based so you’ll be fine.

Hi there. Finally removed the app, shut down my ipad, re-installed IF on my ipad, installed all airplanes again. First flight EHAM - EBBR to test, but again it does not record the flight in the logbook correctly. Any further suggestions? Thanks, John

It is still being looked into. Your stats are still recorded (xp, etc).

Closing until we get more feedback from the devs.