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For son reason I am not able or the system do not have the DELETE option for the logbook, any body knows how to do it, if you see in the imagen there’s no delete option and this replays are using a lot of phone memory, that’s why I need to delete those pass flight.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the selected replay and it will say “delete”

He said he is not able to delete it because he does not have the option to.

Oh yeah, just realized that

The replay in question has already been deleted. Since 23.2, the logbook and replays have been merged into the same page, so it’s still a bit messy and will take time to get used to, as all flights are shown, whetger there is a replay or not (unless you filter to display only flights with replays).

A practical trick to see if there is or there isn’t a replay of a specific flight (besides the replay button being white or greyed out) is to look for this icon (if it’s present, there is a replay and it’ll show replay options once you click on it, wheras if it’s absent, the replay has already been deleted):

Additionally, you can also check the file size:

If it says “N/A”, the replay likely has already been deleted.

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Thank you for the information

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