Logbook Concept

Hi IF Community,

The idea I have is to add a sub topic to the logbook that would Log all your ghostings and violations AND give you the reasons for them. This would sort the problem of many saying I don’t know why I was ghosted or why I got this violation as you could have a look yourself! For example it would say something like this -
“x minutes into flight - violation - went over 250knts below 10K”
Simple - no more disputes and you can check things yourself.

What are your thoughts and if you like it vote!

This has been requested by another user, he also added more substance than the post you did. Please next time utilise the search function and try adding more substance to the next feature request to sell it to the community and earn votes.


Absolutely love it. If they happened to implement this the work that mods have to do will lessen (is that a thing) their work and this community will not fill with “Why did I got a violation/got ghosted etc…”. Good idea 👍🏻

(Turns out that your topic is an duplicate)

Use the feature request linked above ;)