Logbook and Landings not updating

So yesterday I mentioned about the app crashes.
However I’m noticing that my logbook and landings have not been updating. Yesterday I was able to complete a flight from Stockholm to JFK but the logbook has it as an incomplete flight and my landing did not count.
Is there a way for this to be fixed?

I don’t believe the replay files can be edited once they have been created.

When you landed at JFK did your flight plan end, park at the gate and turn the engines off?

Yup. Taxied, parked, and turned engines off. I always do.

When you click on the file and go to the end of the replay are you at the gate at JFK or did it stop in the middle of nowhere?

What about your network connection upon landing?

How far does the replay file go? Can you see yourself parked at the gate or does it cut off before the landing?

Have you done a flight since then? Sometimes doing a landing on a flight after will refresh the stats.

Maybe you landed on the blastpad (unmarked part before the “start” of the runway). If you land too early, landings won’t count, since you touched down on the blastpad.

Maybe sending us a replay would help? Or do what Kirito and Chris said?

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