Loganair Livery - Twin Otter

I think this Loganair Dash 6 - Twin Otter is a great aircraft and would be a good addition to Infinite Flight! Would also be good for Barra Airport in Global.


Image source: http://twinotterspotter.blogspot.co.uk/2015_07_01_archive.html?m=1

I love this. Would be cool to fly the Flybe route where they land on the beach!

Sorry, not very knowledgeable with European routes, etc.

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It’s Glasgow to Barra. This is a necessity.


Yep Flybe do routes from Glasgow (EGPF) to Barra (EGPR)

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Lovely livery! Lovely plane!

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Not to mention I fly this thing on P3D constantly, best 17 USD I’ve spent, haha!

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Beat you to it last month ;)

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I swear I didn’t find that in the list maybe look harder next time


It’s probably cause I put the whole name

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