LoganAir DHC-6-400 Twin Otter

When global comes out this aircraft would be great for flying into the beach airport in the Scottish Outer Hebrides!

Credit- jetphotos.net


I like it, would be great to have.

This is not only a nice plane but a necessary one. We already have the airport at which these are modified for customers. (French Valley Airport, my favorite GA airport. Can be found in SoCal as F70.)


Pretty neat if I can say so myself.

One of my favirote planes in the world!! I love the look, when I’m a bit older I would love to own one of these privately.

Looks so cute! I just love these cute little planes!

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I’d love to have a Twin Otter to fly. Nice livery on this one.

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I’d love this. Especially doing that one flight by FlyBe where they land on a beach!

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For some reason it’s reminds me of a grand caravan if it were a twin engine… lol :)

It’d be great for Saba (TNCS in the Caribbean) too!

I see postings liking this plane but its not getting votes.