Log out problems

I’m facing the frequent log out problem since the day before yesterday, My account automatically logs out of the game and then I have to log in again, This could be a bug or something like that, just wanted to report this, I’m using Facebook login.

And now I’m getting account not found message

Do you open Infinite Flight while your Wi-Fi/data is off? I find when I do that I need to relog in once I have internet. Don’t have any other suggestions.


Are you sure you’re putting the correct username and password? This is a very common occurence.

Yes I’m putting in correct email and password

You know, you could always just flag to get direct moderator attention :).

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Ok thankyou I logged in but I just wanted to mention the frequent log out issue

Has the solution been found yet?

I think it might be as you mentioned earlier that if wifi is not connected while opening the game then you get logged out

Put a check on it then the mods know a solution is found and it can be locked. If my solution is not the problem then you’ll have to ask someone who is smarter than me.

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