Log in trouble

I am having trouble logging in it says my account has never been used in the game before but i just signed in. Anyone able to help?

Have you tried restarting the app/device?


Just a couple questions.

  • Are you trying to sign in on google? If so linked below is when the IF team removed google accounts sign in on the app. ⬇ . If you scroll down you can find in the 22.2 blog post by Jason that Google or Facebook was removed.

Hope this helps in any way!


I try signing in with infinite flight. It says that i have to click authorize whoch then leads me back to the game to where it says this account has not been used with infinite flight error 1

Do you have a Pro Subscription?

If you try to sign in and are receiving Error Code 1, it means that you’re trying to sign in to an account that does not exist in the applications database as of yet.

Like the 13 a month. No

You’ll need to purchase your first subscription and then you can link your Infinite Flight Community account.

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