Log in Trouble

Hey everyone,

Im currently trying to log in my account on a new device (I Pad Pro). I do have trouble tho, as everytime I try to log in I get a „No account associated with this profile was not found in the system“.

Im 99% sure that I use the correct Gmail account therefore I dont know what to do. I also dont know if theres any way to check the used log in method on the existing account so Im stuck right now and dont know how to go on. Help would be massively appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Would you mind taking a screenshot of the problem? @schyllberg

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of course

this is the message that pops up for me even tho Im very sure its the right mail i use on my existing account

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Have you got any other gmail account used before? Try logging into more of your emails or profiles and maybe one of them is associated with your account.

Contact support@infiniteflight.com for issue’s like this!! Through Emailing them.

yes I did have an old account which has like 1.5k less flight hours

I am talking about your emails. Try logging in with any more of your emails that may possibly be linked in to your Infinite Flight Pro account.

yeah I did try out any others I had and they all were wrong ones. I did create the specific email for the account I remember but it dosent work on the i pad for some reason.

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I would possibly need a way to find my info for the account that i have but I dont know a way for that neither

Contact the email given above by @Parth3315

One of the Staff Technical support may help you find the information of your account. Please email the support and wait for a response. Sometimes the staff may be busy at times.

will do that

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I can help you here instead. Just saw your email as well.

What is your callsign & display name?

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thank you so much!

Display name is „GAF BAVA - Robert“
Callsign is „X-ONES“

The correct Gmail should be:

Is that the one you are trying with?


It has worked! Thank u so much!!! My bad

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No worries :)

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