Log in issues

I have an account but it doesn’t keep me logged in on the website, & says I have no account when wanting to use the app.

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Hi! Could it be a problem with your connection? If it’s not, then unfortunately I’m not sure about this, just hang tight and a member of staff will be with you shortly.

Have the same issue currently. Just waiting patiently for an answer too 😕

No connection is no issue. I can log into the actual website, but can’t log
in via the app it’s been this way since I downloaded it

completely delete app and redownload on your newest device worked on iPhone se

You have a strong connection, right? Your problem could be your wifi-router.

1. disconnect your wifi router
2. re-connect it and once established, try again.

Also, do you have the “remember login info” activated?

This has been asked and answered. There are still server issues. If you’re still having this problem in a day or 2, please let us know. Until then, be patient.


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