Log-in issue: Fixed!


I wouldn’t think so as you still have to connect

I would just stay away for a while and wait for the official green-light from the Devs


I won’t work. I tried to show my colleague, but then saw this post.


A posting will be made when access is restored. No need to ask when.

Please refer to the original post for updates.


Just logged in and onto the server now, not sure about everyone else.


Roger that. Thanks for the info!


Probably best to wait for an official announcement as if there is another rush it could impact what they are working on.



Yeah sorry man, just saw a 2 hour time frame 2 hours ago and assumed that it had been fixed. Hold fire peeps ha…


Thank you very much for taking care of the log in issue.


I updated the topic.
The issue should be fixed now.

Thanks for your patience!


Just logged in smoothly. Thanks for the hard work in resolving this issue FDS.


FDS saves the day again! Thanks for your hard work to keep the simulator up and running, providing us with a fun experience!