Log-in issue: Fixed!


Karl, I do not think you will be compensated but I do not think anything will be lost


I thought that is what it was. Thanks!


imagethe only thing that needs to be said right now!


Since I paid good money for my one year subscription, will I get credited since I cannot log in to infinite flight?


We’re you in the middle of a flight when this happened?


No, sir. We are working to resolve the issue quickly and access has been unavailable for a very brief period of time.


you will be able to log in again… eventually and hopefully nothing will be lost


Relax Karl, we’re all the same plane, there’s an engine out but I think the pilots are going to get us down safely.


Karl, of course we will help you.

Assuming you have a one year subscription, you are paying 0,009131278538813 USD per hour.
Once this is over, I’m sure we can repay you for the time lost.

Thank you for your patience!


Alright folks. You guys need to take it easy, take a breather and collect yourselves. This topic is simply an update giving you guys an official notice that something isn’t working as it should. Its there more for your information and honestly there isn’t a need to comment. Just read. You guys don’t have to reply to every person that comments on here. Go do something else for a little bit and come back later on today. 🙂


Fellows, please, stop hammering the servers by retrying over and over again. It’s only making the problem worse.

Get some fresh air, call a friend, but please, stop retrying to connect until we give a green light.



This isn’t the end of the world. It is a temporary set back. We will be informed when it is back up and running.


Laura can’t you block logging in from your side?


I think it was stated here that there is no need to comment.


Thanks mate, was just gonna ask about that!


Please be patient? My comment got removed i don’t know why


Because it’s not necessary and was stated 20 times. Read up on the thread. No further comments necessary. Thanks!


I just came home and my flight is on its final leg but should i just end the flight and log out so it becomes easier for the Devs to resolve this issue?


That shouldn’t be necessary. If it were, they would have kicked everyone out.

It’s the connection attempts that’s killing it. Already established connections aren’t as tough for the servers usually.


Would solo be alright?