Log-in issue: Fixed!


Thank you very much for the notification


Your XP is added up as you fly. So yeah it should be there. Even if you crashed you’d have your XP all the way up to the point of the crash


Ok guys, now we wait.

Patience is key.

Thanks for the update and hope this issue gets fixed fast.


Any idea of time frame for this fix mins hours days etc. Thanks.


Thanks for information. I thaught that is some issue with Facebook :)


Thanks for the update guy’s!!


I should make that copyrighted :P, but like Bert said, things take time, it’ll be fixed and we can resume on!


That is ok for you. I have a military sortie to fly tonight.


ETR’s for technical issues are usually humbug.

So probably not.


Thought it was just me 😅


I have a feeling this topic is going to get a lot of replies


Ugh I keep trying and it won’t work 😑


How much time will it take?


Unknown at this time.


Some of you don’t seem to understand that it’s an issue that is getting resolved. This means you won’t be able to login until they tell us that it has been resolved. Please be patient.


I am having logging issues with my infinite flight, and I get a pop up saying that I am not associated with infinite flight. I paid good money for my subscription with infinite flight. I want to be compensated for this inconvenience because I hate to be ripped off.


Karl, did you happen to read the post at all? Please be patient as we work to resolve the issue.


Are now the servers fully empty?


Mine says i need to log back in with * given service *


No just check LiveFlight…