Log-in issue: Fixed!


Hi everyone,

The connectivity issue is now fixed.

Have fun!

Account not found
Account not found



Okay, thanks for the update Val! :)


thank you. I logged out completely and l tried to log back in. and it said invalid creds. and i am not sure what email I used. can I PM you and you tell me which email I have?


No need to contact us with your information. It is an issue with our database, once we have it fixed, it will work again for everyone.


cheers for the update


thanks guys for the quick actions with that issue (L)


Pheuuuu!! Had me worried then


the thing is that I have two different gmails and I am not sure which one I used


Try both when everything is up&running.


Thank you for the notice :DDDD


Thanks for the update, at first I thought I had device issues. I was in 11 hours into an 18 hour flight when everything just stopped. Is the flight time and XP still credited somehow?


OK thank you for the anser


Yeah it seems to tell me I have over 1,000 landings and a 12 month subscription…


Good question, I think your XP should be saved. But I am not 100% sure.
We will now for sure when the problem will be fixed :)

Sorry about that.


Thanks for letting us know :)


Ok I was about to ask what was up. Now I know it is being fixed.


your XP and your flight time should be saved


I was confused about this too…got worried…thanks for the update