Log in feature

I was just thinking about this feature for IF.
Its basically a log in window like for WoT so that you can log in and then you have the planes you bought IOS or android doesnt matter. So basically you if you had bought a plane on your Ipad then you could log in in your android IF without pay the aircraft another time.
And i have to say that account selling wouldnt make sense because who sells wants to earn sth but it would be cheaper if the customer would buy planes/live itself.
Surely after global!

I am talking about in app purchase content


This is like buying a game for the PS4 and hoping it would work for the Xbox One


That is impossible Android and Apple are not using the same system .


Well but if you log in in wot blitz ios you have an account you can use on android

Because the account is saved to the servers owned by WoT

I never spoke about buying IF. I spoke about planes/live. And for live there is already this feature sir

Don’t we have this now?

Eeverything is tied to the device/account already. I can log in from any Android device with IF and see my planes. If my buddy has IF on their IPAD I log in as me and see my planes.

The only thing is that I can’t download IF on IOS because I bought it on Android. I would have to buy it again.

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Cant undesrtand you

Who was that to?

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I am so confused!?!?!

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i think you are showing that you didnt understand. I am not talking about buy only once IF. What i mean is that sure you have to buy if another time if you want to have IF on 2 different devices (not ios to ios or android to android). Only that so you dont have to buy all planes twice

This whole thread is lacking in English and grammar


English, grammar, clarity, … the list could go on and on!