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Please me help. I do not understand. I just got a new device. Created an Apple I.D. sign in with it my fb acc. I clicked ‘already have an account’. Then i logged in went back to grade 1. Please what happened?

How long has it been since you last played Infinite Flight?

I would say almost a year. I cant remember, its on my log book.

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Your grade depends on your landings / flight hours in the past 90 days. To get back to grade three you’ll need to do some flying first!

that is my main account. I am so confused right now. Dont know what to do

Did you ever have a previous account?

Yes, from google. Am an android user before. I linked my IF acc to google. Is that making any sense?

Maybe you bought a subscription with a different account.

Click on the ℹ part of your grade. It should be orange in most landings sections. You want to make these green by doing pattern work or general flying 🙂

If it’s a new grade 1 account, you most likely logged in with the wrong login.

Oh… wait a minute, that make sense. I downloaded the app on App store. I logged in my IF acc which is linked to my google acc. Now I tried to get a sub, it did say payment succesful but then after, it says no subs.

No. Its not that. Okay let me get this straight. I am an android user. First I downloaded the IF on my samsung tab, which is linked also in Facebook with my Google acc. Now I switched up to ios, created an Apple I.D so I can access to App store. Downloaded the IF with my App I.D. i tried to log in my acc using my Facebook but then it says linked to another device. Pretty much confusing

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Ok, it sounds like you understand the problem now.

I would try and contact a staff member to see if they can do anything about this.

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