Log book stats when game crashes

Hey IFC, I have been having issues with the game crashing all the time. The game runs perfectly fine. The device isn’t hot, on the charger for hours and hours (on 10fps battery saver) and then when close to decent, the final approach or landing and IF just crashes out of the blue. Regardless even though my game crashes all my hours, landings, XP etc don’t seem to log themselves because I never clicked “End Flight” as it just snapped by itself. IOS is up to date. Is there a way to get my stats updated to my IFC account?


Hello! May I ask what your origin airports were for the flights that crashed? I can check and see if those flights were tracked. Your statistics should be saved on a regular interval throughout the flight, regardless of if the “End Flight” button was clicked.

As for the crashing, I don’t know why that is occurring.


SBGL → PANC today, game crashed just over Yukon border (40 min from landing)


According to your log book you did get credit for the part of the flight flown.

8239xp, roughly 13.7 hours of flight time, and no landings. So it does appear everything was added to your profile in terms of xp and such.

As for the crash, I’m not sure why it occurred but it could be due to available storage, device age, graphics settings, or something along those lines. Those are my best assumptions as to why, but I would wait for someone else to reply with more knowledge on the topic than me.

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So where did you see that? Like can I see my log of flight data?

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I got it from the API, which basically returns data on flights and also, in this case, historic flights. You should be able to access your log book from the bottom left on the home screen of the app, though I don’t think it tells you how many landings and XP we’re gained.

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