Log Book Change

Would it be possible for the Devs to add an extra button on the log book so that when looking through the log you can back track say 10 pages at a time. Currently you can only go back one page at a time which is painstaking if you want to go back say 6 months maybe if you are looking for violation dates or for any other reason

Cool request. I dont really have an opinion on it. Maybe consider changing the title as it looks like you are requesting a logbook. Make sure to vote for your request!

Honestly, this is an amazing request and I totally agree with you, but with all due respect, I don’t think anyone would want to waste a vote on that because of how small of a change it would be and not many people check log books.

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Done @Charles_L. Thanks for your comments👍

Thanks @Nicholas_Henry. Appreciate your comments 👍

I would like to add : could we also have the number of landings everytimes please ?
I think it’s something very important to a good Logbook, don’t you ?

Good idea @william but this information is already available not in the log book but when you tap on your call sign. But as you say a logbook should be the one and only place you need to go.

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I personally think the logbook needs a change. I never open the page and use it for basically nothing. Maybe a flight time check or report/violation stuff.

A feature to use a filter in the logbook or a faster way to go through your logbook pages is a great idea instead of spamming the arrow right to go to the next page. It’s very annoying and useless,

Thanks @Edivan_dcds. I love IF but it is a small point that irritates me, but an easy fix. I also agree with you log book needs to change. Thanks for your comments