Locking on an ILS

i was just wondering how to lock into an ILS. i can tune into one but not lock.

Make sure your source in the “NAV” tab is NAV 1 instead of GPS.

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and then…

then what? are you asking how to engage APPR?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to lock onto the ILS and active APPR for reference:


i thought you can lock on a runway after you tune into the ILS

You can indeed!

Have a thorough view over this video as well, it should be a great visual guide to reference to:

i just finished it and it didn’t say how. i saw it in a video that you tap on writing that says the ils, heading to the ILS and how much further and then it asks you which runway and then you can lock on a runway. this only shows how to tune into the ILS. maybe it was in an old update as the hud was different.

wait till the end and after he tunes into the ILS he locks the runway and when i do it it doesn’t work!!

Since 19.4 this has changed

To select a certain runway now go to the map, tap the airport icon and go to ´runways´

Then select the runway you want to fly the ILS for, and then tap ´set NAV1´

hope this can help you!

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oh thanks!!!
i thought you need to do that and then lock into a runway again!!!

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