Locking camera angles

I always use the cockpit view when flying, and sometimes when i try to grab the screen controls, the camera moves. Normally this isnt really a big problem but its very frustrating when Im on short final and when you try to adjust the thrust you suddenly look down at yourself. Is it possible to add a button on the interface section under the system tab to lock all camera angles so you dont accidentally move it? Thanks!

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Hi there, so the best place is to have a look in #features as there already may be a request for this there and you can support and vote for it if there is.

Another suggestion is using the internal free cam, place it in the cockpit, you won’t get hud and it doesn’t lock but if you do mis press the screen then the camera movement isn’t as sudden and so you will be less likely to lose your orientation

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I recently changed from a phone to an iPad and when using the rudder on final, I actually move the camera because the rudder is small which is a big issue on final.
Having a tiny button to lock the view could be a tiny but significant improvement!

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You can always double tap the screen to quickly reset the cockpit camera to the center.

Not a perfect solution but it’ll help

That’s what I do, but with a strong crosswind it’s not ideal at all

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