Lockheed Martin U-2 "Dragon Lady"

I see…I thought it is because it needs a very gentle touch down.
I exactly like U2 pretty much.
Thanks for the explaination!

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I’m kinda surprised they got there hands on this, doesn’t seem like the place we would give ou’re cool spy plane…

I did my national history day report on this plane

When the CIA operation involved anyone gets one lol

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IF community, please consider adding this plane. It’s a super cool aircraft that can fly to the edge of space (70,000 feet+) and is a challenge to land. This plane is also super efficient and can pretty much fly half way around the world on one tank of gas (it’s essentially a glider with a jet engine). Did I mention that takeoffs in this plane are a blast?!

Please consider adding this amazing and unique aircraft to IF. You have my vote!


Beautiful !!

пора идти 1960

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