Lockheed Martin L-1649 "Starliner"

Lockheeds “Starliner” that was built in the 50s to compete with the DC-6.

Lufthansa L-1649 leaving Manchester.
Credit: Lockheed Starliner – Wikipedia

Hello! Welcome to my feature request.
Ever heard of the L-1049? It’s actually not only one aircraft but an entire series. This includes the L-1649, also known as the Star liner.
If you look close, you see it is a bit more technically advanced and looks different than the Super Connie (L-1049). The nose gear has an different angle, the front fuselage is a bit lower, and a few new things here and there

It holds the incredible record, with the longest nonstop flight on a piston-engined aircraft ever. It was an TWA flight from London to San Francisco. It flew 23 hours and 19 minutes. Compare that to newer aircraft’s!

At Lufthansa, it was called Super star, at TWA Jetstream and at Air France Super Starliner. There are 5 Starliner’s that didn’t get scrapped or destroyed. It’s unknown if one of them are airworthy. Lufthansa tried to make one air worthy for “retro flights” but because it cost too much and is too hard to rebuilt they cancelled the project. There’s a high chance it could be countinue in future tho, who knows.


Air afrique TU-TBA
Air France F-BHBT
Aero condor Columbia N7031C
Alaska Airline N7310C
California Air Motive Corp. N7322C
Condor D-ALOL (preserved)
FAA N7307C (Test Crash, Destroyed in controlled crash in 1964)
Flying W Airways N8083H (preserved)
Lockheed Aircraft Corp. N1649
Lufthansa D-ALER
Lufthansa Technik D-ALAN (preserved, restoration in progress)
Luxair LX-LGY
Safair ZS-DVJ (preserved)
World Airways N45511
Trek Airways ZS-FAB
Trans Mediterranean Airlines N974R (preserved)
TWA N8082H
LAI Linee Aeree Italiane I-LETR (preserved)
Korean Airlines HL4003

There were 9 hull losses. The last hull loss was in 1969. The last incident was in June 2018 but the aircraft was repaired


The Starliner was about 0.78 meters or 30 inches longer than the super Connie due to the weather radome, it has a extended wing span of 45 meters, and it could fly fully loaded with 12 tonnes nonstop from Europe to the east US coast with 40+ knots headwind. That’s impressive for such an ol’ aircraft! The range was extended to 8700 km. TWA operated the trans-polar route SFO-LHR with a total length of 18 hours on this aircraft. Back then, this was also the aircraft with the highest range in the 50s and 60s! That beats the 707, 727, A310 and A321XLR!

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I’m in favor of ANY classic propliner from the 1930’s-50’s.


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