Lockheed Martin L-1049 Super Constellation

Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation



  • The L-1049 was an Aircraft designed in the 1940’s to compete with the then new DC-6. The L-1049 was developed into many many versions for the Air Force, Army, Cargo, Longer Haul, and passenger/cargo combi. I would list them, but there were dozens of variants and to differentiate between them would take way too long. Anyways…

  • This aircraft was and is still considered to be the aircraft that sharank “the pond” bringing people together quicker than on a traditional oceanliner. First fligh was in the very end of 1951 and was used by almost every airline. From domestic US use, to flying from Sydney to LA.


  • The aircraft had many engine versions, I won’t get into the details, but the main engine of choice was a Wright R-3350 Turbo Compound. Essentially, this engine had a turbocharger in it producing an extra 500+ Horsepower. As you can tell, the aircraft was fitted with 4 of these, and propelled the Aircraft across the Atlantic in almost 16 hours (crazy right?!).


  • I think this would be a great addition to Infinite Flight as we don’t have any long haul propeller driven aircraft. Not only would this satisfy the long haul lovers, as well as the short haul specialists. Not only that, but I just discovered through some research that my Dad and Grandma both came here on a Seaboard and Western L-1049 in 1959. Adding this aircraft would add a piece of major aviation history to the sim.

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I feel like there should be a server dedicated for classic airliners, that would really be cool.


You Sir, You have my vote!


@BayoMan @ST-ART @JT8D Thank you!


We definitely need more prop aircraft!
We don’t have any commercial aircraft from this era, it’d be a nice addition!


Then make sure to spread the word and vote!


We NEED more classics in this app. Classic aircraft are severely under appreciated or literally downright hated among the modern aviation enthusiast community. Why I can’t say. But I for one am probably a small minority who loves older aircraft over newer, smart-tech ridden aircraft.


This needs a bump now! So up to the top, you go!

Also a video of the Super Constellation taking off with flames!

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I walked under the wing of one, at Greenwood lake airport they have an entrance and you have to walk under its wing to enter, it looked super clean when I went to the airshow this year

I’m the one who loves older aircraft or stunt aircraft, so I’m hoping it gets added

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Who needs lights when you can have this?