Lockheed Martin L-1011 "Tristar"

This aircraft needs more attention.

The Aviation Society: On this day…29 years ago

Seen taxiing past the Airport Fire Station on 13th May 1995 is Air Ops (ECU Air) Lockheed L1011 Tristar 100 (c/n 1091), SE-DPX.

The aircraft first flew on 23rd November 1974 and joined TWA as N31024 on 10th December. After just under 9 years the aircraft became N769BE with Hawaiian Airlines on 19th April 1993. Just a year later, on 29th April 1994 she joined Air Ops as SE-DPX ending her career with Nordic East International Airways whom she joined on 11th May 1996. She was subsequently stored at Stockholm Arlanda where she was scrapped in 1998.

Photo and words: Dave Kirkham.

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This is aircraft is saying:

“what?! I never flew for Hawaiian!”

The cop: “Sir, you’re drunk”. LOL


I think you’re the drunk one 🤣😂


Dude! Don’t tell them! They might find out! 😂