Lockheed Martin KC-130J

The KC-130 is a aerial refilling version of the C-130J. It features 2 ways to refuel, aerial refueling and ground refueling. I am only requesting the aerial refueling because on the ground you can fill up whenever you want.

  • Maximum cruise altitude: FL280

  • Maximum speed: 362 knots

  • Range: 2,385 NM

  • Capacity: 42,000 lbs or 19,051 kg

  • Length: 97ft 9in

  • Wingspan: 132ft 9in

  • Height: 38ft 10in

  • Empty weight: 75,962 lbs

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 175,000 lbs

All info above and the picture can be found Here

This is my first post in the #features category so let me know if I did something wrong!

This would be an interesting one, in real life the F-14 and F-18C used the drogue system which requires the refueling boom on the receiving aircraft to be flown into the basket led by the tanker. I don’t know how complicated adding such a system would be but if it is possible this is something worth voting for. The herc can only go so fast which makes refueling even more fun!

My word, it just goes to show how much Air-To-Air refueling has improved over the years.

Then again, CLHD did stick it in there. It’s hard as hell for me.

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This would be another cool feature to add for sure.

This one would be cute with the F/A-18


This is so needed because of the F-18 rework

Evening @American634,

Great to see more support for the C-130. Could I kindly request that this be directed towards the C-130 rework thread, as this would be beneficial to the support of that feature.

Furthermore being a part of the C-130J community in my line of work, working alongside many C-130J operator nations. Your statement regarding refuelling isn’t completely accurate.

All C-130J’s can be configured to conduct ALARP (Air Landed Aircraft Refuelling Point) which when they can be used as mobile refuelling point for other fixed wing / helicopter platforms (Except specialised models). Furthermore they can further be modified to provide AAR basket based capability, for said operator.

I really appreciate your support for Bert as we could do with a rework in game. As the model is only scratching the surface of it’s true potential.



I had this topic approved by a mod but if it is needed I can have it closed

That’s completely fine, it’s your decision. However it’s just my opinion, that this could assist the rework feature better. At the core the C-130 model doesn’t really vary between variants, more so it just has different mission/role fits employeed to do a variety of tasks.

Therefore I feel if a rework would be implemented, that KC-130J and many other variants of the versatile airframe be implemented together, being not so dissimilar.

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Keeping this feature request alive!!

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I totally agree, we need another tanker option.

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