Lockheed Martin F35A Lightning ll

When I read this I got confused as to who you were saying it to at first! Shows it’s too early for me.

They do, in fact, intend for the F35 to replace most if not all military fighter aircraft in the US Army. That’s why there’s three variants covering every aspect of their vehicles; air superiority, ground strikes, short take-off and landing for carriers, VTOL, stealth features, the $400,000 AR helmet for the pilots that allows them to see through the plane. Everything about it, across its variants, is intended to make it versatile enough to replace the likes of the A-10, F-16 and other last-generation and older military aircraft. They’re also selling the F35 commercially to other countries for their military, making it even more widely used and replacing even more aircraft.

I don’t see this as a bad thing though. I mean, we’re talking about an aircraft that is so technologically advanced and generally able, its like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Heck, they even claim that a single, unarmed F35 could greatly improve the combat efficiency of its ally aircraft, purely because of its interception and spotting ability (though, in honesty, I’m not sure how much I believe that claim.)

The F35 is trying to take over. Many will likely be upset if it succeeds, to lose the current beloved planes that are used - especially by the USAF. But, these new aircraft are so much better at their job. I for one will be full support of the F35 throughout its service, and probably afterwards too.

It’s versatile.
It’s powerful.
It’s incredibly advanced and interesting.
On top of all that, it’s probably the best looking plane shape I’ve ever seen. I love it!

(Looks way better than our typhoons! Though, they’re still really cool)


Well I like the Eurofighter more … but opinions are different

I feel like this entire thread is half filled with 8 MONTHS LATER and 1 MONTH LATER and 28 DAYS LATER…
Still. It’s a cool idea and I voted ages ago.


We must keep it alive!

I’d genuinely love to see the F35 in game.

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I Will be happy to see the LockheedMartin F-35A Lightening II in the game


Woww ! This pic is stunning ✈️ The F-35 and the USS Zumwalt in the background !
Two bad bois with stealth technology 😏



I forgot to say that the Israel F-35 is a special version with Israel special technology that called the F-35I

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Interesting :)

Only kind of related. That picture reminds me of a book I read called “Ghost Fleet” it kinda centers around the Zumwalt, But also has the F35 basically grounded because of a sneaky Espionage act by the Chinese. Fictional book, but one we have to read in the Marine Corps.


These planes are so technologically advanced, that the technology it’s self is it’s own worst enemy, and biggest threat.

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Israel Air Force F-35i retro livery looks very nice

It seems like there’s been plenty of request for sailing aircraft carriers so the F 35C might be able to be made as well as the A version but the B Would be too complicated

Here are the livery’s for the F-35 Instead of writing all of them then here is the Wikipedia link of every squadron and country using the F 35 all 3 variants

Bumping this. The last addition to the military aircraft portion was the A10. While that addition occurred in 2020, the need for a new fighter with the current level of cockpits and features is definitely there. Would love to see this aircraft added. It’s an amazing engineering marvel and would look awesome in the sim.


which one can land vertically add that one

That would be the F-35B.

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I’ve voted we need a new military aircraft next. I fighter jet in high detail would be awesome

Let’s keep the votes coming, we need this beast