Lockheed Martin F-35B

This is a very new and modern stealth fighter plane, the F-35B.
The game has a lot of passenger and cargo planes, but more work should be helping military planes and military flight.
It is not a duplicate request, the other request is F-35A. It is similar, but different.
Maybe you will think the other request is better but I think F-35B is better because you can do vertical takeoff and landing, it is cool. Also I think it is newer.

F-35 is created by Lockheed Martin and is the newest fighter plane. USA is helping many countries use this plane.
F-35B can do vertical takeoff and landing. In the game, there should be a button to takeoff and land vertically, like the button for engine start. It will take like 1 minute, the plane will automatically lift and then drop when landing.
For stealth, there should be a button to click stealth on and stealth off. If stealth is on, the plane does not show on the radar, as long as it is like farther than 10 nm away. ATC and other planes cannot see it (if it is farther than 10 nm away).

Look at websites below to learn about this good new fighter plane.

I like it!


ooooo a VTOL! Would be interesting to see that in IF!


I am bumping up this topic. And why only one vote? Who doesn’t love the F-35? This would be a great addition to the game, as well very cool.


This need more attention!!! You got my 🗳

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Would love to see this in the sim


Yeah I agree it’s such a cool and underrated airvraft


Even though it’s not a grate fighter like the F-22 it’s still a good bomber and a cool aircraft.

Count me in! We need more fighter options in the game!