Lockheed JetStar

The Lockheed JetStar was first flown on the 4th of September 1957 in response to a USAF requirement. Designed by Kelly Johnson (according to user jetstar on airliners.net, a former pilot of the plane), it had 4 engines and was the first dedicated business jet to enter service. It was also eventually used by the USAF as the C-140 JetStar.


The original plane as shown above had only 2 engines, but due to problems with building the Bristol-Siddeley Orpheus turbojets which the prototype had, they were eventually switched out for 4 P&W JT12 turbojets as no other engine available in the US at the time would have enough power AND fit in the nacelles.

I hope you’ve at least learnt more about this amazing plane even if you don’t want any more GA aircraft (but why wouldn’t you?)

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Thanks for this - a beautifully written feature request - a rarity!


Yes definitely! This was the world’s first Business Jet! This plane has gone down in history!!!

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Nice request! Like a mini VC-10!

More lockheed planes would be better

Oh my, do I love this plane!

So it had four engines like a Il62?

Yeah it does. Although this plane is a lot shorter.

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Thanks, I do like to think that even if you may not support adding the plane I’m writing about, at least maybe you learnt something about it!

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The production JetStar and JetStar II had 4 engines.

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This needs to be bumped. This plane is really cool. As far as I know, this is the only commercially made aircraft which had 4 engines mounted on the fuselage.

Not only that, but this plane was also featured in the Bond movie Goldfinger as Auric Goldfinger’s private jet.

here is a pic of the plane I am referring to.

Edit: I found a better pic

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If I remember correctly, it was the only biz jet with 4 engines mounted on the fuelsage. Other planes with the 4 engine layout include the Il-62 as mentioned above, and the VC-10.

I wouldn’t call this a business jet I would call this a antique

Either way, I think the Auric Goldfinger livery should definitely be included if this plane is ever added to IF. I mean, he is one of the most famous James Bond villains ever…

I just happened upon this features request, and really think its a good one!