Lockheed constellation

Who wants the defining aircraft of the 40s and 50s? This would have many antique liveries of long gone airlines, making IF a very nostalgic product.


That and the Concorde then I would be happy

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Agreed. But only 4 operators:
Air France
Singapore airlines
The last two were less known for it.

BA all the way!

The Concorde is cool in all, but please go back to the original subject, please. A different thread will be made for the Concorde, If one has not already been made.

There’s only three defining Airlines of that era: PanAm, TWA and the great innovator “Flying Tiger Airline” (google it). Every other line was a clone.
Just Sayin, Mad Max Sends

(Never forget the Mother of modern American Regional Commercial aviation the DC-3, the Connie & Clipper (the Boat) take a firs for opening the worldwide route system. Ok, BOAC, but it served the Empire so it don’t count unless your a Colonialist minded Brit.)

(BA, Sing, Concord did not exist in the 40/50’s. Air France Braniff Well kind a)


True however I was just trying to state that Concorde was the fastest passenger jet in the world which British airwayshad six of the twelve machines ever made who were in the late70 early80 were one of and still are one of the leading airline companies in the world.

However sticking to the subject which was posted I would still be happy with the Lockheed constellation of the 40/50!

Ps I am not a Brit

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@JGK00 You hit a nerve. The fist airplane I ever set foot in was a Connie. A TWA shinning Symbol of the mind of a true genius! I was 7/8 and rode my bike down to the old Philadelphia Int. Back then nothing fancy. Just a long runway
And a short one. The Trash Haulers pulled right up to the 1 story Terminal/Tower. They nosed right into the 3’ tall cyclone fence that bordered the apron. A long legged Studi took pity on me cause I spent a lot of time eyeballing. She took me by the hand, spoke sweet nothings and lead me up the rollaway to the Flight Deck and let me sit in the right seat. The crew gave me a set of TWA wings that I still have. That my friend is the best introduction to aviation a kid can ever have If you have or hope for a son someday, remember to take him to a runway, let him inhale the smell of freedom, AVGas or JP in the mornin! It’s a fix that never wares off. Max Sends


They said to be patient with the concorde David said that they will add it in the future

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Touching story. I am only young yet and wish to pursue a career as a pilot and I hope to have a son someday. I hope I didn’t insult your knowledge or aspiring passion for aviation like myself. If I did my most eternal apologies go directly to you.


John Gerard


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Thank you my knowledge of that area was quite slim


Bring on TWA and EA!

I would love to fly a classic, romantic long range 50s piston airliner.

Long live the Lockheed L-049 Constellation and DC-9!

Special edition signiture for a special topic 😉

@JGK00 … John… no apology necessary. The nerve you hit was the one that connects to a fading memory. I wish you joy in your pursuit of a career as an Aviator and that your first born be a son! When you have that son remember this brief moment in time and take your son to the nearest aerodrome for a touch of heaven here on earth. Warm Regards, Max Sends


These are all the operators. Panam Trans world and Flying tiger line and BOAC were copied of. That’s like saying Spirit airlines, Sun Country, and Aeromexico, Ethiopian Airlines, and American Airlines were copied from Singapore airlines.

TWA Airlines is my favorite.

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I would love this but I swear someone has made a topic on it recently…

Long live the DC-9!

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Thanks @Boeing707. Duplicate topic! This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.

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I like the L-749 Connie because of its short and

fat nose. The B-52 in the background is also a good addition for IF.

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finally this came back to life.