Lockheed Aircraft

I know that this won’t be added anytime soon but I’m curious to see what people think of seeing some Lockheed aircraft in the sim someday? Never seen a request for some lockheeds so far.

The first one that should be added is the TriStar because of its relevance to modern day spotters.

However, if I was a dev, the first Lockheed I would add would be the Constellation/Super Constellation/Starliner. Amazing aircraft in so many beautiful liveries

And never forget the original Lockheeds, the Electra (10) Baby Electra, etc.

The Electra (188) would be nice but I can’t see many people wanting the plane. It’s not their most iconic aircraft after all. Doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it though. 😀

I welcome opinions on liveries also.

Best, Boeing707


Doesn’t fit guidelines, feel free to request again:)